Nearly 4000 universities in the US. Branding is an undeniable asset. Stress fundraising
create a confidence and trust relationship with its public, its partners, for sustainable profit.
The brand is a promise, a “contract” with the public: it guarantees him certain qualities, values ​​to which he can relate to. It gives meaning to the product. If this promise is kept, it provides fidelity and public confidence in this brand. Your brand is your core promise, essence, story.
Define what you want to stand for and preserve and embrace both the tangible and intangible elements that make your brand unique. A university’s value proposition represents a combination of tangible and intangible elements.
 A great institutional brand identity must have an emotional sense of place.

A strong institutional brand can only develop from an academic community that has come to truly understand and appreciate itself. Institutional self-awareness is a prerequisite for institutional consistency of purpose and behavior, which, in turn, is critical to the task of helping others beyond the university’s internal community to understand, to care, and to contribute.

Strong Brands are Courageous They seek to stand alone — preferring to be a passionate choice of just the right “some” rather than an acceptable alternative for many. Strong brand schools become so because they have insisted on distinguishing themselves from all others.

Brand messaging is a sustained process. must be reinforced by ongoing messaging that supports your brand, keeps it current with the times and helps it maintain a top-of-mind presence with your customers. Consistent brand messaging should be used in all communications, from periodic press releases to company brochures to daily blog posts.


Research has tied good branding to attracting students, faculty, and staff as well as to achieving success in fundraising and in getting media coverage.

Maybe already worked w brand consultants and need help incorporating the messaging


comprehensive internal review, competitive landscape analysis, and a systematic process of message optimization.

Inefficient: when it comes to learning about your organization/listening