Ready to learn the secret recipe for writing screenplays and TV shows that sell?

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Fact is, there are no magic formulas or hard-and-fast rules. But there are two things common to all scripts that have a fighting chance: 

  1. It must keep readers turning pages. Professional readers are the gatekeepers to the industry. Their names don't scroll at the end of the film, but they make or break almost any spec that comes to Hollywood. Readers don’t have to like your voice or your characters. They don’t have to like your genre. But if they want to know what happens next - if they keep turning pages when there's a stack to get through and a stack for the weekend - you’ve done more than most screenwriters ever will. And that gives you a chance.

  2. It accepts fresh perspectives. Over a decade of working with and as a writer, I can say that every single script that has gone on to success has been reviewed and worked through a support network. It's hard to get distance from projects you give so much to. It's hard to know if the story you've envisioned is the story that's really on the page.  

I've worked with over 100 clients as an independent screenplay consultant.  Prior to that I worked in the entertainment industry, reading and covering scripts on a daily basis.  I've seen terrible first drafts go through transformations that moved them to the big screen.  And I've seen well-established writers fail to create a product that sells. Hollywood feels closed off to so many, but the truth of the matter is that it's not about finding an agent to represent you or having a cousin who works at a production company.


It's about telling an amazing story in an amazing way.  It's about doing that again and again... until it's ACTUALY amazing.  Those always find their way in.  The tools and perspective I provide can help you get there.

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White papers and case studies can make a huge impact. They educate stakeholders and peers. They advance your leadership in an area. They add meaning to your success.

I don't believe in cramming words around stats. White papers should capture the nuance of your brand voice. No matter the audience, they stand as expressions of your larger organizational narrative.

They say all press is good press. But they don’t say it’s all well-written.

Ensuring clarity and continuity across messaging is paramount to your long-term reputation. I dig for just the right angle and the most exacting connotation.

My experience includes press releases, memos, policy documents, strategic plans, leadership bios, crisis management, and more.


I will turn your ideas and themes on any subject into awesome content – from comprehensive eBooks to whip-smart trade articles, or simply that perfect quote often requested by media outlets. Of course, you retain all rights to the work, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Having ghostwritten hundreds of speeches as an executive writer, I quickly capture your voice and an understanding of your audience.


How Does It Work?

Send Script
Upload your script as a .PDF file and pay the consultation fee.
Twiddle Thumbs
Schedule consultation, allowing 3-5 business days for review of material.
Self Evaluate
Complete questionnaire and bring to consultation.
Meet for Consult
2.5 hour meeting to discuss your script (in person or on video chat).
Listen Again
A digital recording of the entire consult will be sent to you.

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What Is the Consultation?

    • I will take the neutral and honest view of a professional reader to highlight strengths and weaknesses, often asking pointed questions that help you fix problems rather than symptoms.
    • We will talk about your process and create a plan for the rewrite.
    • There will be ample time reserved for questions or in-depth discussion of areas that are of your greatest concern.
    • You will leave with a fresh perspective and momentum to take on the next draft

Talk about TV pilots being the thing.
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  • "I was at war with my script until Stephen helped me construct the story I had always envisioned. The service was nothing short of fantastic."
  • "My script consultations with Stephen always help me take my script to the next level. He provides knowledgable feedback and offers techniques and tools that help me solve story and structure problems during the rewrite. I definitely recommend working with Stephen."
  • "The script Stephen consulted on is going into production in 2016 with Gary Oldman, Scott Eastwood, and Olga Kurlyenko."


In addition, I have been mentored by Corey Mandell - one of the industry's most respected and effective screenwriting instructors. His Screenwriting and Television Writing Workshops have set new paradigms for both novice and established writers.